Title: Jan Honolka: 2D Fe-chalcogenides on topological insulator surfaces: structural and electronic properties
Number: 5/18
Status: Closing date exceeded
Begin: Středa, Únor 21, 2018 at 02:30
Tutor: Vladimír Sechovský
Location: lecture room F2, first floor Ke Karlovu 5

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We have a pleasure to invite you to attend the joint seminar
of the Department of Condensed Matter Physics (DCMP)
and the Materials Growth and Measurement Laboratory (MGML)




2D Fe-chalcogenides on topological insulator surfaces: structural and electronic properties

lecture given by:

Jan Honolka

Institute of Physics of the Czech Academy of Sciences

The seminar takes place in the lecture room F2 
of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Ke Karlovu 5, Praha 2
on Wednesday, 21. 2. 2018 from 14:30 

Vladimír Sechovský
On behalf of the DCMP and MGML


FeSe superconductors (SCs) are quasi two-dimensional (2D) in their crystal structure with a layer unit cell thickness of ~3Å . Their pairing mechanism is believed to be unconventional, i.e. not phonon-mediated leading to a critical temperature of Tc = 8 K in the bulk.

In the last years the interest in Fe-chalcogenide SCs intensified after the SC phase transition temperature of FeSe was found enhanced by more than one order of magnitude in the thin-film limit at interfaces to non-conductive oxides. For an overview see [1] .

In my talk I will give an overview of our recent progress in growth of 2D FeSe and FeTe [2] islands on topological insulator surfaces, which is based on scanning tunneling spectroscopy techniques. Further, we analyze electronic properties in surface sensitive angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES) e.g. using NanoESCA facilities in Prague. Here doping effects at the high-symmetry G and M-points of the surface Brillouin zone are visible, which are considered to be crucial for the emergence of superconductivity.

[1] X. Liu et al., J. Phys.: Cond. Mat. 27, 183201 (2015)

[2] F. Arnold, et al., J. Phys.: Condens. Matter 30 065502 (2018)

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