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Peter Zaumseil, Yuji Yamamoto, Joachim Bauer, Markus Andreas Schubert, Jana Matejova, Grzegorz Kozlowski, Thomas Schroeder and Bernd Tillack. Preparation and characterization of Ge epitaxially grown on nano-structured periodic Si pillars and bars on Si(001) substrate. THIN SOLID FILMS 520(8):3240-3244, 2012. BibTeX

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	abstract = "{The selective epitaxial growth of germanium on nano-structured periodic silicon pillars and bars with 360 nm periodicity on Si(001) substrate is studied to evaluate the applicability of nano-heteroepitaxy on the Ge-Si system for different fields of application. It is found that SiO2 used as masking material plays the key role to influence the strain situation in the Si nano-islands. To analyze this in detail, X-ray diffraction techniques in combination with theoretical simulations based on the kinematical X-ray scattering from laterally strained nano-structures and finite element method (FEM) calculations of the strain field are applied. The oxide related strain in the Si scales about linearly with the thickness of the SiO2 mask, but FEM simulations supposing a homogeneous stress distribution in the oxide are not sufficient to describe the local strain distribution in the nano-structures. It is demonstrated that the Ge lattice relaxes completely during growth on the Si nano-islands by generation of misfit dislocations at the interface, but a high structural quality of Ge can be achieved by suited growth conditions. (C) 2011 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved.}",
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G Kozlowski, P Zaumseil, M A Schubert, Y Yamamoto, J Bauer, J Matejova, T Schulli, B Tillack and T Schroeder. Compliant substrate versus plastic relaxation effects in Ge nanoheteroepitaxy on free-standing Si(001) nanopillars. APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 99(14), 2011. BibTeX

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L Horak, J Matejova, X Marti, V Holy, V Novak, Z Soban, S Mangold and F Jimenez-Villacorta. Diffusion of Mn interstitials in (Ga,Mn)As epitaxial layers. PHYSICAL REVIEW B 83(24), 2011. BibTeX

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	abstract = "{The magnetic properties of thin (Ga,Mn) As layers improve during annealing by out-diffusion of interstitialMn ions to a free surface. Out-diffused Mn atoms participate in the growth of aMn-rich surface layer and a saturation of this layer causes an inhibition of the out-diffusion. We combine high-resolution x-ray diffraction with x-ray absorption spectroscopy and a numerical solution of the diffusion problem for the study of the out-diffusion of Mn interstitials during a sequence of annealing steps. Our data demonstrate that the out-diffusion of the interstitials is substantially affected by the internal electric field caused by an inhomogeneous distribution of charges in the (Ga,Mn) As layer.}",
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