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Thermal analysis - DSC, DTA, TGA (SETSYS Evolution TGA-DTA/DSC SETARAM).

We use DTA, DSC and TG primarily for study of phase transformations, for determination of the fusion heat and the specific heat capacity.

Definition of thermal analysis - TA: Group of physical chemical methods which deal with studying materials and processes under conditions of programmed changing's of the surrounding temperature.

DTA = Differential Thermal Analysis -signal is temperature (time) dependence of the temperature difference between sample and reference
DSC = Differential Scanning Calorimetry – measures temperature (time) dependence of the heat energy that is consumed by the sample, the measurement of thermal capacity is possible.

TGA = Thermogravimetric Analysis – measures the sample mass versus T with high accuracy

Main thermo-physical properties of materials 
  λ(T)=a·Cp(T)·ρ(T)  TV
  ε=1/r.(dr/dT)  DIL
Enthalpy dQ/dt=m·Cp·(dT/dt)   DSC, DTA
   α = (m0 - mi)/m0 TG



SETSYS Evolution is the standard for high performance, TGA/DSC and TGA/DTA application. 
It is based on a complete modular thermal analysis platform for: DSC, DTA and TGA and 
simultaneous DTA/TGA and DSC/TGA up to 2 400 C.


setsys-tga-crucibles setsys-rods2




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