Title: Prof. Dr. Hisatomo Harima: The origin of the parity-violation splitting in Fermi surfaces
Number: 9/16
Status: Closing date exceeded
Begin: Wednesday, 30.03. 2016, 14:50
Tutor: Prof. Dr. Hisatomo Harima
Location: lecture room F2, first floor Ke Karlovu 5

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 We have a pleasure to invite you to attend the joint seminar
of the Department of Condensed Matter Physics (DCMP)
and the Magnetism and Low Temperature Laboratories (MLTL),
supported within the program of Czech Research Infrastructures (project no. LM2011025).




The origin of the parity-violation splitting in Fermi surfaces

lecture given by:

Prof. Dr. Hisatomo Harima

Department of Physics, Kobe University, Japan


The seminar takes place in the lecture room F2
of the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Ke Karlovu 5, Praha 2
on Wednesday, 30.3.2016 from 14:50 

Vladimír Sechovský
On behalf of the DCMP and MLTL


The splitting of electronic states in non-centrosymmetric compounds has been widely studied in the fields of basic science and applications. However, the magnitudes of the splitting have not yet quantitatively discussed. In this talk, what determines splitting magnitudes are discussed, based on the Fermi surface study for various compounds. It should be noticed that effect of the relativistic mass correction is important in the splitting in Bi compounds.

Our new project “J-Physics: Physics of conductive multipole systems" [Grant‐in‐Aid for Scientific Research on Innovative Areas (Research in a proposed research area)]will be also briefly introduced.


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