Title: Andrej Pustogow: Evidence for even parity unconventional superconductivity in Sr2RuO4
Number: 28/20
Status: Closing date exceeded
Begin: Středa, 02.12. 2020, 14:10
Tutor: Vladimír Sechovský
Location: ZOOM Meeting ID: 958 0426 7376

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We have a pleasure to invite you to attend the joint seminar
of the Department of Condensed Matter Physics (DCMP)
and the Materials Growth and Measurement Laboratory (MGML)




Evidence for even parity unconventional superconductivity in Sr2RuO4

lecture given by:

Andrej Pustogow

Department of Physics and Astronomy,  UCLA
Present affiliation: Institute of Solid State Physics, Vienna University of Technology
Meeting ID: 958 0426 7376 

on Wednesday, 2.12. 2020 from 14:10 CET (13.10 UTC) 

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Vladimír Sechovský
On behalf of the DCMP and MGML


The physical picture of unconventional superconductivity (SC) in Sr2RuO4, which was considered a solid-state analogue to the superfluid 3He-A phase for more than two decades [1,2], has been recently overturned [3]. Here we use 17O NMR spectroscopy to probe the nature of the SC state in Sr2RuO4 and its evolution with magnetic field. The drop of Knight shift K is measured in the limit T → 0 across the field-tuned transition down to B/Bc2 < 0.2. While K includes contributions of both field-induced quasiparticles (QP) and a possible spin polarization of the condensate (of order unity for a p-wave state), the specific heat C/T includes only the QP term. By comparing the field dependence of K and C/T, we establish an upper bound for the  response of <10% of the normal-state susceptibility, which is sufficient to exclude odd-parity candidates [4].

[1] J. Phys. Condens. Matter 7, L643 (1995)

[2] Nature 396, 658–660(1998)

[3] Nature 574, 72–75 (2019)

[4] arXiv:2007.13730