Title: Radomír Kužel: 25th Assembly and Congress of the International Union of Crystallography
Number: 50/21
Status: Closing date exceeded
Begin: Čtvrtek, 21.10. 2021, 14:00
Tutor: Václav Holý, Milan Dopita
Location: Lecture room F2, MFF UK Ke Karlovu 5


Nano Seminar

Thursday, 21. 10. 2021, 14.00

Lecture room F2, MFF UK Ke Karlovu 5

Radomír Kužel

Department of Condensed Matter Physics, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Charles University, Ke Karlovu 5, 121 16 Prague 2, Czech Republic

25th Assembly and Congress of the International Union of Crystallography

The IUCr organizes its congresses connected with assemblies once in three years. In the meantime, there are conferences of its regional associates - ACA, AsCA, LACA, ECA. In the Czech Republic the adhering body of the IUCr is Regional Committee of Czech and Slovak Crystallographers included now in the Crystallographic association (Krystalografická společnost). Since modern crystallography is very intersdisciplinary and no single institution can cover its whole scope it was just the association which took the effort to organize the congress in Prague and after several attempts won the bid in 2014 during the congress in Montreal. This was a bid for the organization of the 25th anniversary congress in summer 2020 with expectation of more than 2000 participants.

Preparation started well and the whole programme scheme with the list of main invited speakers was finalized during the meeting of the International Programme Committee in May 2019, in Prague. This meeting was connected with a workshop called „Current Trends and Future of Crystallography“, where representatives of all the IUCr commissions (22) presented current problems, trends and highlights of their fields. However, in March 2020 the Covid pandemic appeared and it was decided to postpone the congress to August 2021. Unfortunately, the situation looked even worse in January 2021 but some decision had to be made, no further postponing was possible. After seeing the demonstration of hybrid presentation system gCon developed by Prague group T.R.I., that is basically independent on the locations of chair persons and speakers, it was decided to prepare hybrid congress with final selection of the form (online only or hybrid) planned for June 2021 since it was clear that earlier nobody would know anything. After optimistic period of continuous development of Covid-19 numbers during spring, the so-called delta variant appeared and made everything more complicated again. Uncertainity was enormous and many things that are usually prepared 3-4 months or more before the congress had to be made in about 3-4 weeks. The organization was a real challenge but according to all numerous e-mails received after the congress the event was very successful and enjoyed by both real and remote participants (over 1600 in total). This was basically thanks to all the people involved in the organization and also the hybrid presentation system.
In the presentation, not only the history and peripetia of the congress will be described but mainly some specifics and also benefits of the hybrid form will be discussed, different statistical data presented, registration system Conftool and presentation system gCon shown. All the recordings of more than 600 lectures are available for watching online by registered participants till the end of November.