The work of this department is focused on research in quantum theory of condensed matter. We studied the electronic states in both crystalline and disordered systems and magnetic properties of materials, especially electronic structure and electron processes on surfaces and magnetic multilayers. These studies are carried out ab initio methods, the proprietary and endorsed software on clusters of workstations in Prague and Vienna. In the area of ​​quantum transport is being developed non-equilibrium Green's function method in use in strongly nonequilibrium transients induced by ultra-short laser pulses and other nonlinear processes. The separation was also studied dynamic processes macroscopic physics, especially dry friction and acoustic propagation in granular materials. Is characterized by both cooperation with institutes of the Academy of Sciences in Prague and Brno and also international cooperation, eg. With the Centre for Computational Physics in Vienna.


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Staff and Students:

Head of Group: RNDr. Karel CarvaPh.D.


Teachers: RNDr. Karel CarvaPh.D.
  Doc. RNDr. Martin DivišCSc.
  Ing. Richard Korytár, Ph.D.
  Doc. RNDrTomáš NovotnýPh.D
Researchers: RNDr. Pavel  Baláž, Ph.D.
  Artur Slobodeniuk, Ph.D.
  RNDr. Martin Žonda, Ph.D.
Ph.D.: Mgr. Marek Štěpán
  Krishna Kumar Pokhrel ,M.Sc