The main direction of the research performed at our department lies in studies of the structure and electronic properties of materials. Structure and microscopic electronic properties of thin films, magnetic multilayers and intermetallic compounds with f- and d-electrons are investigated by methods using scattering of X-rays, synchrotron radiation and neutron beams. Bulk material properties, especially the magnetic behaviour, transport, thermodynamic and cohesive properties, phase transitions and diffusion processes are investigated over a broad range of temperatures, external pressures and magnetic fields. Modern materials like nanocrystalline powders, two-dimensional surface structures, liquid crystals and carbon composites are studied in co-operation with other laboratories. Theoretical studies of quantum coherence in semiconductor alloys excited by femtosecond pulses, mesoscopic theory of wear and physics of granular systems complete our fields of interest, together with computing materials science focused on the electron structure of intermetallic compounds, modern oxides and borocarbides of rare-earth and transition metals."
Department staff also has two decades significantly involved in the activities of Crystallographic company brings together experts in the field of crystallography and structural analysis in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic ( and co-organized several major international conferences.

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In teching the emphasis is on detailed interpretation of crystallography and diffraction methods.
These are areas in which the department has a long tradition and is well respected in the workplace education specialists focused on the structural analysis of substances.
Significantly also involved in publishing a nationally used books and online educational texts, eg .:

  • V. Valvoda, M. Polcarová, P. Lukáč: učebnice Základy strukturní analýzy, Karolinum, Praha 1992.
  • Internetový výukový program Kurs krystalografie a strukturní analýzy na
  • Internetový kurs pro talentovanédětirámci projektu Talnet, demo na


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