Peter Zalom: Magnetic impurities interacting with gapped fermionic reservoirs
Begin: 16.06.2021, 14:30
Location: ZOOM Meeting ID: 99673611179

 Title PDF Type of assig.  Supervisor  Type
Study of the dynamic properties of 90-degree magnetic domain walls    Bachelor's Pavel Baláž Theoretical
New materials for spintronics    Bachelor's Karel Carva Theoretical
Persistence in an exactly solvable random walk model    Bachelor's Tomáš Novotný Theoretical
Ratchet effect in two-dimensional optical lattices    Bachelor's Tomáš Novotný Theoretical
Stochastic modelling of the dynamics of electric circuits with a Josephson junction    Bachelor's Tomáš Novotný Theoretical
Analysis of inelastic effects in nano-transport: scattering states point of view    Bachelor's Tomáš Novotný Theoretical
Study of phase transitions in models with itinerant and localized particles    Bachelor's Martin Žonda Theoretical
Preparation and characterisation of indium dopped Ni2MnIn shape-memory alloy    Bachelor's Petr Cejpek Experimental
Magnetism and crystal field in correlated f-electron systems    Bachelor's Martin Diviš Experimental
Study of electronic properties in intermetallic compounds Ce(1-x)LaxPd2Al2    Bachelor's Petr Doležal Experimental
Microstructure of carbon black nanomaterials studied by X-ray scattering    Bachelor's Milan Dopita Experimental
Study of nanocrystalline materials using unconventional X-ray scattering methods    Bachelor's Milan Dopita Experimental
Low-temperature x-ray diffraction    Bachelor's Václav Holý Experimental
Structure determination of (Sr,Ca)(Ti,Ir)O3 layered systems using X-ray synchrotron experiment    Bachelor's Lukáš Horák Experimental
Study of thin polycrystalline layers using combined X-ray diffractometry and reflectometry    Bachelor's Lukáš Horák Experimental
Temperature calibration of the high-temperature chamber for an x-ray diffractometer    Bachelor's Lukáš Horák Experimental
Molecular magnets coupled to functional nanoparticles pdf  Bachelor's Jana Kalbáčová Vejpravová Experimental
Smart magnetic molecules coupled to functional nanoparticles pdf  Bachelor's Jana Kalbáčová Vejpravová Experimental
A strong spin-orbit coupling in R2T2O7 pyrochlores    Bachelor's Milan Klicpera Experimental
Preparation of CePd2Al2 single crystal and its structural and phase characterization    Bachelor's Milan Klicpera Experimental
Conductance of molecular junctions via Friedel's rule    Bachelor's Richard Korytár Experimental
XRD line profile analysis by total powder pattern fitting    Bachelor's Radomír Kužel Experimental
Influence of Sn substitution on crystal structure and magnetic properties of Nd2Ni2In1-xSnx compounds    Bachelor's Silvie Mašková. Experimental
Synthesis of rare-earth based single crystals of 221 type and their magnetic properties    Bachelor's Silvie Mašková. Experimental
Growth and characterization of single crystals of uranium compounds    Bachelor's Petr Opletal Experimental
Electronic phenomena in phase diagrams of antiferromagnets    Bachelor's Jiří Pospíšil Experimental
Influence of symmetry on magnetic properties of the rare earth intermetallic compounds    Bachelor's Jiří Pospíšil Experimental
Consequences of the magnetic order to the crystal lattice of magnetic materials    Bachelor's Jiří Prchal Experimental
Materials with strong dependence of magnetic state on external pressure    Bachelor's Jiří Prchal Experimental
Measurement of pyroelectric current and determination of electric polarization    Bachelor's Jan Prokleška Experimental
Synthesis and characterization of new antiferromagnetic semiconductors    Bachelor's Klára Uhlířová Experimental
Study of quantum critical point in tetragonal Ce-based compounds    Bachelor's Jaroslav Valenta Experimental
Optimalization of crystal growth of unconventional superconductor CeCoIn5 using modified Czochralski furnace    Bachelor's Barbora Vondráčková Experimental