Peter Zalom: Magnetic impurities interacting with gapped fermionic reservoirs
Begin: 16.06.2021, 14:30
Location: ZOOM Meeting ID: 99673611179

Title PDF Type of assign. Supervisor Type
Calculations of electron spin relaxation rates pdf diploma Karel Carva Theoretical
Current-induced forces in nanoscopic quantum conductors   diploma Richard Korytár Theoretical
Theory of spin chains on metallic surfaces: emergence of the heavy-fermion behavior   diploma Richard Korytár Theoretical
Self-consistent random matrix ensembles   diploma Richard Korytár Theoretical
Ratchet effect in two-dimensional optical lattices   diploma Tomáš Novotný Theoretical
Inelastic effects in electronic transport through nanosystems   diploma Tomáš Novotný Theoretical
Spin-dependent optical quasi-equilibrium nonlinearities in semiconductors   diploma Tomáš Novotný Theoretical
Unusual electron properties of R2T2O7 pyrochlores   diploma Pavel Javorský Experimental
Synergy of molecular magnets and functional nanoparticles   diploma Jana Kalbáčová Vejpravová Experimental
Synergy of smart magnetic molecules and functional nanoparticles pdf diploma Jana Kalbáčová Vejpravová Experimental
A strong spin-orbit coupling in R2T2O7 pyrochlores   diploma Milan Klicpera Experimental
Quantum critical effects in uranium compounds   diploma Petr Opletal Experimental
Electronic phenomena in phase diagrams of antiferromagnets   diploma Jiří Pospíšil Experimental
Echoes of quantum phase transitions at finite temperatures   diploma Jan Prokleška Experimental
Characterization of multiferroic materials   diploma Jan Prokleška Experimental
Studies of Ni2MNGa type magnetic shape memory alloys   diploma Klára Uhlířová Experimental
Evolution of magetism and supercoductivity in CenPdmIn3n+2m hevy fermion compounds   diploma Klára Uhlířová Experimental