Prof. RNDr. Radomír Kužel, CSc.


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  • 1975-1980: Study of Physics at MFF UK,   Prague
  • 1980: Graduated in the Solid State Physics
  • 1989: PhD (Thesis: “Dislocation induced X-ray line broadening in hexagonal materials”)


  • 1986-1990: Joint physical-engineering laboratory of the Academy of Sciences and the Charles University
  • 1990-2000: Research fellow and scientist, MFF UK
  • Since 2001:  Associated professor at the Department of Electronic Structures, Charles University
  • Since 2001: Head of the X-ray group
  • Since 2005: Head of the Department of Condensed Matter Physics, MFF UK

Other activities:

  • 2006-2013: Member of the Executive Committee of the European Crystallographic Association (ECA)
  • 2014-2020. Member of the Executive Committee of the Intenrational Union of Crystallography (IUCr)
  • Since 2004: Member of the EPDIC committee
  • Member of the Size-Strain conference committee
  • Since 1992 – Secretary of the Czech and Slovak Crystallographic Association (CSCA). 
  • (preparation and organization of regular national meetings of the CSCA, one-day seminars,  membership and chairmanship of organizing and programme committees of the meetings).
  • 1997 – 2000 Chair of the Regional Czech and Slovak Committee of the IUCr.¨
  • Since 2007 Secretary of the Regional Czech and Slovak Committee of the IUCr.
  • Since 1994 – Editor-In-Chief and technical editor of the journal: Materials Structure in Chemistry, Biology, Physics and Technology, published by the CSCA (ISSN 1211-5894).
  • Webmaster of the CSCA, ECM-18, EPDIC IX (
  • Chairman of the IX. European Powder Diffraction Conference (EPDIC), Prague, September 2004, 350 participants
  • Secretary of the 18th European Crystallographic Meeting, ECM-18, Prague (1000 participants)

Organizing committees:

  • Advanced Methods in X-Ray and Neutron Structure Analysis (August 1990, Praha).
  • School on International Tables of Crystallography (June 1993, Praha)
  • Size-Strain '95 (Liptovský Mikuláš, 1995).
  • ICDD Grant-In-Aid Workshop, Praha, 1997
  • CMD (Condensed Matter Division of European Physical Society, Praha, July 2004)
  • Xtop, Praha, September 2004
  • Member of  TMS

Professional interests and experience

  • X-ray diffraction study of polycrystalline materials.
  • XRD line profile analysis, lattice defects, lattice vibrations, textures, stresses, crystallites size, strains, reflectivity. Programming, X-ray lab
  • Materials: nitrides, carbides, simple metals and alloys, thin films with remarkable mechanical, electrical, magnetic, optical properties, ultrafine-grained materials obtained by severe plastic deformation.
  • Some important items: derivation of general method for study of dislocation types from anisotropy of X-ray line broadeningo, study of microstructural parameters and inhomogeneities in nitride and oxide thin films, calculation of anomalous diffraction profiles in Cu-Be alloys with precipitates, study of microstructure and its temperature evolution in submicrocrystalline materials. Study of nanopowders, nanotubes, nanowires. Study of thin film crystallization and its relation to residual stresses.

Publication activity:

Author or co-author of 119 publications in international journals and more than 100 other contributions in journals and conference materials with about 1790 citations,
H-index according WOS - 26.

About 15 invited lectures at international conferences and meetings.

8 best scientific publications in 2009 – 2013

  • [1] R. Kužel, M. Janeček, Z. Matěj, J. Čížek, M. Dopita, O. Srba, Microstructure of ECAP Cu and Cu-Zr samples studied by different methods Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, 41 (2010) 1174-1190. (20 citací, if=1.820)
  • [2] R. Kužel, L. Nichtová, Z. Matěj, J. Musil In-situ X-ray diffraction studies of time and thickness dependence of crystallization of amorphous TiO2 thin films and stress evolutionof crystallization of amorphous magnetron deposited TiO2 thin films. Thin Solid Films 519 (2010) 1649-1654. (13 citací, if=2.014)
  • [3] D. Králová, M. Šlouf, M. Klementová, R. Kužel, I. Kelnar Preparation of gram quantities of high-quality titanate nanotubes and their composites with polyamide 6 Materials Chemistry and Physics . 124 (2010) 652-657. (9 citací, if=2.264)
  • [4] K. Mathis, T. Krajňák, R. Kužel, J. Gubicza, Structure and mechanical behaviour of interstitial-free steel processed by equal-channel angular pressing Journal of Alloys and Compounds 509 (2011) 3522-3525. (6 citací, if=1.961)
  • [5] J. Čížek, M. Janeček, O. Srba, R. Kužel, Z. Barnovská, I. Procházka, S. Dobatkin, Evolution of defects in copper deformed by high-pressure torsion Acta Materialia 59 (2011) 2322-2329. (35 citací, if=4.349)
  • [6] Z. Matěj, R. Kužel, L. Nichtová, XRD Analysis of Residual Stress in Thin Polycrystalline Anatase Films and Elastic Anisotropy of Anatase Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, 42 (2011) 3323-3332. (4 citace, if=1.820)
  • [7] J. Čížek, M. Vlček, B. Smola, I. Stulíková, I. Procházka, R. Kužel, A. Jäger, P. Lejček Vacancy-like defects associated with icosahedral phase in Mg-Y-Nd-Zr alloys modified by the addition of Zn, Scripta Materialia 66 (2012) 630-633. (2 citace, if=3.02)
  • [8] M. Novotný, J. Čížek, R. Kužel, J. Bulíř, J. Lančok, J. Connolly, E. McCarthy, S. Krishnamurthy, JP Mosnier, W. Anwand, G. Brauer Structural characterization of ZnO films grown on various substrates by pulsed laser deposition, Journal of Applied Physics, v. 45 (2012) no. 22, 225101. (11 citací, if=2.169)